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I finally do art again guys

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this broken scanner thing is really cramping my craw

this broken scanner thing is really cramping my craw

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what do you do with a bro ken scan er 

For like the next week or so, this blog will be mainly depressing concept art of expressive dog facial gestures with human-like emotional attributes for basically no reason

For me, it’s essentially what one would call a trigger- I find if I see a clearly dog-shaped drawing of an animal become obviously crestfallen, betrayed, annoyed or shocked in a human manner, I make up incredibly heartbreaking backstories on the spot and begin to tear up over my imagined sad dog stories, and that just sends me down harsh, man

So, if you also have this ludicrously specific issue (sometimes I’ll ask a person “Hey do you ever just think of dogs being sad and cry about it” and they say “OH GOD YES AND IT’S AWFUL” so apparently it’s a thing), I will tag it as [sad dogs] so that one may block that business. If you have any other things you’d like me to tag, this is a great time to message me and say what you’d like me to tw

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